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5 Comments on “What Happened to Christmas Cards?”

  1. Scott W
    Both of my grandparents passed away in May and right now I am living in their house, fixing it up. A few people who obviously hadn't heard sent Christmas cards. I didn't want to do this during the holidays, but should I write them letters explaining the situation?
  2. Malcolm Hudson
    You should write them a letter. I am sure they would like to hear the news. I don't keep all my cards, just the special ones from my hubby, parents and brother. I have a really hard time throwing them away for sentimental reasons. Does anyone else have this problem? How long do you keep them? How can I learn to let go of them?
  3. RichT
    So, you start writing your Christmas cards. You send to everyone on your list, however some people on your list don't send you one back - and never plan on doing it. Do you remove them from the list or keep sending them. Also, suppose you get a card from someone not on your list, do you suddenly add them?
  4. LA Pride
    I would continue sending out cards. It doesn't hurt and if they didn't want them they would let you know. If you happen to receive a random Christmas card one year, I don't see any harm in returning the favor. You do know this person, right?
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