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6 Comments on “Top Online Vector Tutorial Sources”

  1. XplicitzZ
    I know all the functions and tools of Corel Draw Graphic Suite 11. I want to do this like a business . For getting good knowledge in designining regarding business which book u will recommend Please tell me if u know anything about this. I want to make my career in this field.
  2. Jesse
    I have a graphic that I am adding to the end of a word in Corel Draw 8. I have joined the 2 with 2 curved lines using the Biezer Tool and now need to fill the gap with solid black...the fill tool won't let do I do this?
  3. brincks26
    I am using Corel x4 and I created a single page document. I saved it and sent it to my printer who also also Corel Draw. Whenever he opens the file he gets a blank page. What am I doing wrong?
    • LA Pride
      Sometimes the answer can be so simple it is overlooked. When your printer opens the file does he see objects listed in the Object Manager? If so, are those objects "visible" or "hidden" on their corresponding layer?

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