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3 Comments on “Business Card Mistakes to Avoid”

  1. _marky_mark_
    I am ordering business cards for the first time and I am sort of liking the mini cards (roughly 3x1) instead of the standard 2.5x3. Do you think they would get lost easier or would it be more memorable because it is different?? Opinions please!
  2. LA Pride
    A few years ago I would have suggested sticking to the traditional 3.5"x2" card on standard card stock. Today that rule still applies but it is far less strict. You still have numerous people who collect and store their business cards in a "Rolodex". Some may even keep them in a binder designed for business cards. In the cases above, a business card of an irregular size will probably not find a permanent home in the recipient's collection. Many business people, myself included, have started collecting and updating contact information via email, smartphone, or on websites such as LinkedIn, rather than with physical business cards. Unfortunately, business cards are becoming more of a novelty item that is shared at networking/social functions. Most businesses have websites that the recipient will use to retrieve your contact information easily online, and therefore has little need of your business card. Yet, if you have an unusual or fun card, a colleague will accept the "gift" as if it were a personalized ink pen or button. I give the traditional business card another 15 years before you see it simply dwindle to yet another novelty item, like the unfortunate demise of Christmas cards.

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