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2 Comments on “Photographic Copyright – Part I”

  1. Michael C
    I want to design a mailing flyer for my store. If I use a screenshot from Google maps to make the store map on the flyer, is that legal? If not, are there any legal alternatives? Yes, I read the TOS, but I'm not a lawyer. I thought the big no-no was trying to re-sell the maps. In any case, I would love an answer to the second part of my question.
    • LA Pride
      First, explicit permission is not required to use Google Maps in your project. When using Google Maps Content in print, any images used must reflect how they would look on online. So, you are not allowed to alter the image with photo filters or add elements not included in the original image. Second, all uses must properly show attribution to both Google and their data providers. You should review their attribution page for more information.

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