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5 Comments on “Photographic Copyright – Part II”

  1. Salam
    I’m completely baffled in regards to the guidelines pertaining to property releases. If I capture a picture of a dilapidated dwelling, am I required to somehow locate the dwelling's owner and get a property release prior to me legally selling the photo for artistic purposes? I have tons of photos of old barns and ramshackled houses that I’ve taken while strolling around my neighborhood, some of which I’ve been deciding on selling. But the truth is it will be extremely difficult for me to track down the owners of all these properties in order to get a release. Thanks!
  2. PoohBearPenguin
    If I shoot a photograph of a group of unknown street people, will I need a model release form for EACH person in the photo? Additionally, what’s an ideal method of keeping track of who is who with model releases? For example, if there are several people in the picture, how can you identify which release goes to which person?
    • LA Pride
      If you intend to use your photographs for print, advertising, sale, or posting, it is crucial that you cover yourself legally. Model release forms are a safe way to keep your bases covered. One particular means to obtain model releases is to make a trade: they can get the photograph to offer to family, and you can make use of it for your purposes. Typically, a stranger-friendly model release ought to include: Name, contact information, email, and signature. You might also be sure to explain the guidelines of your usage. For most projects, you should include: permission to utilize their photographic likeness for advertising, distribution, print, and sales.
  3. TommyKay
    What are the best websites, books, or other sources that answer all the FAQ's about legal aspects such as copyrights, digital watermarks, contracts, model release(s), privacy rights, types of commercial use, commercial versus personal use, royalties, etc. Thanks for your help!
    • LA Pride
      The best sources I have found on the internet for all of the concerns mentioned above will be from your more popular stock photography websites. Check out their pages of FAQs or Licenses. Eventually you will come across all the information you want.

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