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14 Comments on “Our Top 10 Web Design Inspirations”

  1. Cliffy N
    I usually listen to music or just sit and stare out a window lol - i was just wondering how does everyone else get inspiration? How do you get rid of writers block?
  2. LA
    My biggest inspiration when it comes to designing is music. Music has a big influence on my designs. I usually attempt to get into the head of my client when I start their projects. My suggestion is to get to know your clients, ask them about their favorite music or what fragrance they enjoy. Relying on senses other than your vision can evoke a greater comprehension for what feeling must be conveyed through a design. After finding a process that worked for me, I started finding inspiration in ways that I never would have thought to turn to. I quickly got sick of thumbing through the CSS galleries and the like and started trying to look at the world in a different light.
  3. norrin_shadowwolf
    romantics idealized lives of children, rural workers, and animals in nature. they sought out the mysterious and the supernatural, looking to far-off places and times for inspiration. what are some "cons" of placing higher value on beauty and inspiration than on intellect and knowledge?
  4. Agent 47
    I have been set an art project and part of the task is to research artists who use themselves as inspiration. I have search google but can't find an answer! Can anyone help me out?
  5. supernerd567
    My band is having trouble writing songs and we need some good inspiration.
  6. ericmreitz
    I've been wanting to practice designing clothing, but I find it hard to get inspiration from anything. I also need help deciding on color schemes. Any ideas?
  7. Xedo
    I'm the type that has to do something on the spot, in one go. Otherwise I can't at all, or don't see the meaning in doing it anymore. If I want to draw something, I have to do it at that moment, without stopping until I'm done. Keeping the image in my mind. If I don't do it as fast as possible, I get bored and lose interest in it. It's the same with writing. If the words are in my head, I have to write them down immediately. If not, they're gone forever. In other words, "inspiration" only arrives in short bursts for me.
    • LA Pride
      I find myself changing my mind often during a design, especially if it takes more than one day. The entire layout or design changes during my sleep and I awake with a completely new idea. I don't scrap the previous version though I attempt to incorporate the new idea into the current. It usually turns out quite pleasing.
  8. ConfusionnaJob
    What was the inspiration of Nude Descending a Staircase? Does knowledge of the artist’s inspiration enhance your appreciation of Nude Descending a Staircase Why or why not?
    • LA Pride
      It is quite simple - the love of the female form. The female body in motion is a beautiful thing to behold. So, I believe DuChamp want to capture every possible motion as a woman descended a small flight of stairs. Of course this could be complete rubbish, but it would be my reasoning for undertaking such a project.
  9. John G
    i love drawing, but i know that i can only find GOOD inspiration when im in an angry or sad mood. usually at least. i'm considering drawing or art as a career but i can't rely on being sad or mad to produce good art. how do you guys find inspiration? or what do you find inspiring?
  10. Johnky J
    For those of you who are artists and authors, how do you find your inspiration and drive? What keeps your ideas coming and flowing, and what motivates you to bring them to completion? And finally, do you have any tips to re-motivate and re-inspire a rather disillusioned artist/author I know? Thanks!
  11. veemodz
    Hi all, I would love to get into Web design & digital media and I was wondering what was the best way to learn how to use industry standard software such as: Dreamweaver, Flash & Photoshop in order for me to fulfill that interest?

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