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3 Comments on “Infographics About Web Design”

  1. Benihana
    I have a commerce website that sells a very cool product. It's not just my opinion, people really do love the hell out of it. Lately I'v been having free give aways on my facebook fan page, I ask people, Like a certain page.. or Share a post etc.... and when X criteria is met.... someone will win some free products of mine. Now, I'm trying to think of something I can have my fans do for me, "Being a large group of people" that will further effect my website SEO, to do better in the search engine... I already ask them to "Like" my website Like button.... what else can I do.. there's got to be something I'm missing
  2. The Dark Knight
    Is there some kind of software made especially for creating infographics (like this or so??? Please, I want something easy to learn, though.
    • LA Pride
      To really get your message across in an infographic it is best that you design it yourself with your favorite graphic software. Here is a link to a variety of graphic elements that will help.

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