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5 Comments on “Tips for a Good Domain Name”

  1. Scott W
    I have already purchased my domain name from Godaddy. Realizing that there were cheaper options out there for the actual web host, I finally settled on Hostbandit. I am having trouble linking the two together and was wondering if it was actually possible to get my domain from Godaddy and host it somewhere else, like Hostbandit. Any help/tips/advice would be great!
    • LA Pride
      Scott, unfortunately there is a 60-day grace period after you register a domain name before it can be transferred to a new web host.
  2. Jonny
    I want to start a website and I was wondering where should I buy a domain name because there are many different sites? Is one better than the other and are they all legitimate? Thanks!
  3. tefa_96
    I have had my website running for about 5 months now it has a catchy domain name and is proffesional looking but for some reason its not making money. I had it listed with google adwords but since leaving google i am still getting about 137 viewers of my site per day. I need help I have spent a lot of money on it but am not getting anything back.
    • LA Pride
      Tefa, there is more to marketing your ecommerce site than simply having a great design and domain name. Send me your contact information and we can discuss your market plan in more detail. I am sure together we can see a major return on your investment within the next 5 months.

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