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27 Comments on “Adobe Illustrator vs. Corel Draw”

  1. Noe R
    I want to be a graphic designer when I'm older and I've been recently thinking about getting a tablet. I'm pretty set on the Bamboo Fun tablet. I'm already pretty experienced in other art mediums and want to do more digital art now. I'm not looking into anything professional yet and it's pretty cheap. Plus it comes with all of those programs, Corel, Adobe, etc. Since I'm a beginner and 15 years old, do you think this tablet would be good to start with? Does Adobe or Corel work better with the Bamboo tablet? Any thoughts? Or any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  2. Phillip123
    I have adobe illustrator and photoshop. A friend of mine took entire photo of me and transformed it into a cartoon. I know this is a feature or tool in the illustrator program, but I don't know which one. If anyone knows please inform me or maybe you could help me to do it.
  3. clntvrrt
    Which of these two do you personally prefer? Which of these two is "easier"? Either way, I plan on going into graphics and need to get some supplies for digital drawing. I know Photoshop and Illustrator will be needed, but what else to I need to get?
  4. John
    I am deciding whether to purchase Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. I'm really interested in the pro's and con's of both! If it makes any difference, I'm looking to create designs for t-shirts.
  5. Benihana
    I know nothing about graphic design programs. I'm familiar with MSPaint and thats about it. Which one of these is better??
  6. Brendan O
    I am illustrating a book and need something that is professional. Photoshop is so expensive!
  7. Dark_LovexXx
    Help me! I use Photoshop for photo manipulation, effects etc... What is adobe Illustrator for? Whats the difference between Illustrator and Photoshop?
    • LA Pride
      Photoshop is an imaging tool that is used to alter photographs in order to enhance or clean up a picture. Illustrator is used to generate vector graphics. Vector graphics are not like real world images because each component in a vector graphic is created out of simple and complex shapes.
      • Youngdon
        wow you are really tntlaeed. Did you do the design for this page yourself as well? Can you hint what programs you use? I always wanted to make a good art/poetry blog never succeeded I would be happy with anything half as good as yours, keep it up!
  8. Only Business
    I want to start drawing digitally but I've heard some people say Corel Painter is better. Is that true?
    • LA Pride
      You will find far more success in the industry if you chose Adobe products. Adobe has become an industry standard in the graphics arena. This is not because it is better than Corel or it is not. Most graphic companies use Apple computers and Corel does not currently run on Macs. It's that simple.
  9. PIE BOY
    I'm pretty much an "expert" in Illustrator and I'm great with Photoshop, but I never learned In Design in school. Is it easy to use if one knows Illustrator & Photoshop? What do I need to know about it. What is it's main purpose? Just page layouts? That's the feeling I get... I actually use Illustrator to do layouts now... which one is better and if I know Illus and Photo can I "say" I'd be able to use In Design? Otherwise, I might need a class!!! Thank you!!! :) (I'm looking for a new job and everyone asks that you know in design now... i'm hoping id know how to use it since i know illus and photoshop..?! thx again! :) ~ meliss
  10. Motordom
    I am doing a project. I am building my own comicbook(s) and want to post them online. Which program should I use for coloring, sketching, etc: Corel Photoshop Pro or Corel Draw 13? Is there another good program available (beside Adobe); one that isn't a burden on my pockets, know what I am saying? I am actually going to sketch on paper, then, scan it to my computer^^.
  11. Mark M
    I received a .zip file in an email with some logos that I need to open. I saved the file to my desktop and clicked Extract all files. But now I can't open any of them. Here's the file types... DS_STORE file AI file EPS file FH10 file I can open the JPEG and PNG files, but not the others. What kind of program do I need to open the others? What am I doing wrong?
    • LA Pride
      DS_STORE files are Desktop Store Files that Apple uses to store folder info for the items held within it. AI files are Adobe Illustrator files EPS files (Encapsulated Postscript) are another imaging files. FH10 files are created by the Freehand 10 drawing tool. Only need to be concerned with the AI or EPS file if you are using Adobe Illustrator. EPS files can be open in Corel Draw as well.
  12. musicistabest
    So I got Adobe Illustrator, and I want to learn to use it. I'm a total Newbie, I've never even touched it before. I have some basic photoshop skills, but thats about it. So what is the best way to learn to use it? Does anyone know of any good online tutorials, or videos or books I should get? thanks so much!
  13. Coffee t
    I am looking into getting a graphic design program and have read reviews that say Corel Draw is easier and better but Adobe is what the "professionals" in business use. What are your opinions? Which one do you think I should spend my money on?
  14. nasty1
    What are some alternative softwares of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator which can be downloaded for free? Can anyone please tell me some other software which are free alternatives for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator? I know these two softwares are not free that is why I want alternatives. The softwares should have same or similar features of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Please only tell me the softwares which are free and legal to download. Someone please help me.
  15. Marcy
    Really liked what you had to say in your post, NQN Media Group Adobe Illustrator vs. Corel Draw - NQN Media Group, thanks for the good read! -- Marcy
  16. Larry R
    I need a LOT of help with Adobe Illustrator CS4 and the Wow book that I have doesn't really teach me anything. Any recommendations? I need the book to have info on pretty much anything like copying things, how to gradient mesh, and how to use just about all the tools in adobe illustrator.
  17. Pablo
    Corel has a deal this week They are offering the cpmloete Corel Suite bundle for $ 209 As a professional and using Corel 11 myself, I will definitely buy this new Suite This software will more than do the job and I use it to run a $ 1,000,000 printing press.You can prepress, edit do whatever it takes to do a professional magazine ..

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